Iodine (acquired by GoodRx)

At Iodine (a health care company of 5 people), I joined as the sole designer in the middle of an acquisition. My responsibilities included everything in regards to design (product design for web and mobile, marketing design) and product (processes, style guides, documentation, marketing, and product management).

During my time at Iodine, we were nominated for best health site for the Webby awards in 2017 and 2018 (Won the 2018 Webby award).


Since GoodRx acquired Iodine and didn’t have a full time designer (or a design team), some of my responsibilities were working on projects for GoodRx. I helped hire the design team for GoodRx and managed a contractor for illustrations on the GoodRx blog.

My work for GoodRx included data visualizations, infographics, and product design for web and mobile.

Some of my data visualization work has been referenced in The New York Times and Good Morning America/ABC News. Also my work has helped advocate for policy change regarding prescription drug prices (S.2554 - Patient Right to Know Drug Prices Act & S.2553 - Know the Lowest Price Act of 2018).


I decided to move to NYC and take a short break from the Bay Area. While in NYC, I took a short contract with Techstars as a design consultant/associate to help with their IoT (Internet of Things) Accelerator. I was responsible for coaching and helping very early startups within the program with various design needs.

The design work encompassed web and app design, demo day and investor pitch decks, business cards, one-pagers, product vision/strategy, product development, and miscellaneous design requests.


Clover Health

I joined Clover Health as one of the first product designers. Other than my design responsibilities, I was also responsible for helping the head of design build the design team.

My work for Clover Health included: marketing design, enterprise product design, user research, design systems, and building a design team.



Leah Busque (Founder and previous CEO of TaskRabbit) hired me as part of a new design team to revamp TaskRabbit. I initially was responsible for helping with the redesign of consumer web side of TaskRabbit and eventually focused on the Tasker side of the experience.

My work for TaskRabbit included product design for mobile and web and user research.


This was a project I collaborated with few friends on, which we designed and published.

My work primarily consisted of mobile and web design and programming (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript).

You can check out the website and the app store page for Billie.



I joined Mozilla at the recommendation of an engineer I worked with at Amazon. During my short stint there, I worked on the design for a few native media apps for Firefox OS.

My work was primarily interaction design.



I joined Amazon when I was finishing up my masters degree. As this was my first job out of college as a designer, I learned a lot there working on a variety of projects for Amazon Music, Digital Software and Video Games, and Prime.

I was mostly focused on product design.